Stericycle Whistleblower Comes Forward With More Shocking Allegations

(EnviroNews Utah) — Salt Lake City, Utah — These were the types of shocking allegations levied by a masked man in the full-feature documentary titled Medial Waste Madness – ‘The Devil’s Work’ on EnviroNews in September of 2014 — The result: Three investigations launched by the Utah Governor’s office.

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Utah Labor Commission have been assigned to the case, as well as the state Attorney General’s Office in a new criminal probe. So far, no progress in any of these investigations has been revealed to the public by any of the aforementioned agencies.

But tonight, in another shocking EnviroNews report, we sit down once again with the whistleblower after he told us that he had more twisted tales of darkness to expose.

Now, we want to reiterate before airing this interview that the views expressed by the whistleblower are his own, and do not represent the views of opinions of the EnviroNews network. As we weren’t physically there, we can neither deny nor corroborate the man’s tales. We have only provided him the platform to tell his story. Take a listen.

Please check back later today for the INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT.

Stericycle Whistleblower Comes Forward With More Shocking Allegations

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