(EnviroNews Utah) – Utah Republican Governor Gary R. Herbert on Capitol Hill with his concluding thoughts at the “Clean Air Challenge” press conference, where the Chief Executive again reiterated that he would like to “be able to see farther than 4th South from the Capitol steps on a day like today”.

(EnviroNews Utah) – At a press conference held today on Capitol Hill where the Governor and Utah’s most prominent mayors challenged their constituents to do more in an attempt to clean up the state’s crippling air pollution problem, Representative Carol Spackman Moss announced her sponsorship over anti-idling legislation House Joint Resolution 5 (HJR 5).

(EnviroNews Utah) – Mayor John Curtis Challenged himself in front of the podium on Capitol Hill to do more to help clean up Utah’s dangerous and deadly air.

(EnviroNews Utah) – Mayor Mike Winder of West Valley City addressing a swath of reporters at the ‘Clean Air Challenge’ press conference, amongst the Governor, and Utah’s most prominent mayors.

(EnviroNews Utah)

(EnviroNews Utah) - Breathless in Zion: Utah's Battle for Clean Air is set to be a riveting documentary that will portray the complex political, topographical, environmental, and health issues regarding the horrendous air pollution problem enveloping the greater Salt Lake City area. In the film we will examine the ...

(EnviroNews Utah) – In this brief extract from our full-feature interview with Salt Lake City’s Executive-in-Chief, the Mayor speaks to his role and responsibility in combatting the looming perils of climate change, global warming, and greenhouse gas emissions.