Hilarious Climate Satire Video by Guardian: ‘Oil Spills Actually Totally Good For Animals’

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(EnviroNews World News) — Journalist and satirist Travis Irvine has been at it again as part of a lighthearted video series on climate change and the environment by The Guardian.

Climate change is a deadly serious subject of course — a topic that seems to grow grimmer by the minute. Just a few days ago, James Hansen, arguably the world’s most famous climate scientist, was all over the airwaves with a very bleak forecast: The world’s oceans could rise by as much as 10 feet in the next 50 years.

This is no laughing matter, but many people feel a great sense of disheartening hopelessness and disempowerment when it comes to tackling environmental problems. Enter The Guardian.

This time around, a hard-hitting news-desk report hosted by Seymour Smog of Climate Denier News brings to light new bombshell data by way of an interview with Dr. Andy Nye, the brother of “wacko” science legend Bill Bye. Naturally, by the end of the report, the two have definitively proved oil spills are actually beneficial for birds, fish and other wildlife.

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