Holly Refinery Caught in Nighttime Flare-off Again

(EnviroNews Utah) – On Thursday February 28th, Holly Refinery was observed with a huge flare atop one of their stacks that started at approximately 9 PM and persisted for at least 4 hours. This is the same Holly Refinery that has recently applied for an expansion permit for their refining operations in Davis County, Utah.

While standing on the sidewalk and filming the flare from public property, our EnviroNews correspondent was confronted by a “rent-a-cop” from CBI Security with an adversarial attitude, who in a chest-thumping tone told our correspondent repeatedly that this site was now a “homeland security issue”. Our correspondent was sure to inform the angry-mannered rent-a-cop that at EnviroNews, we consider horrendous pollution dumps into our air shed a “homeland security issue” as well!

Holly Refinery Caught in Nighttime Flare-off Again

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  • Emerson Urry - Author, Video Editor, Sound Editor, 3D Animator