The Seemingly Prophetic Words of Cherise Udell – Stericycle to Move Out of the Valley?

(EnviroNews Utah) – Yesterday we released a news story that feautured Cherise Udell, Founder and President of Utah Mom’s for Clean Air, speaking outside of the hotly contested Rep. Chris Stewart town-hall in the Avenues of Salt Lake City.

The header of the news piece: The New Official Position of Utah Moms for Clean Air: “Companies Like Tesoro and Stericycle Need to Move Out of This Valley!”

Late Tuesday night, we found out that those just may turn out to be prophetic words when we received a tip that Christina Rendon of local ABC 4 was going to break a story that would report on talks of Stericycle actually picking up shop and moving out of the neighborhood.

That information turned out to be correct, and ABC4 had this to say in their article surrounding the Rendon report:

Mayor Len Arave told ABC 4 Utah Reporter Cristina Rendon he met with Stericycle employees after a city council meeting last week. The discussions involved talking about possibly moving Stericycle to another location.

“I don’t think anybody is happy where Stericycle is right now,” Arave said. “The residents aren’t happy. The city isn’t happy. Stericycle isn’t happy with that location.”

Many residents still feel that having Stericycle move out of Foxboro is simply not enough, and that the incinerator must be shut down entirely no matter what. The sentiment of this group has been that they cannot in good conscience pass their problem on to some other poor community because that is what other communities have done to them.

With a press conference going down on Capitol Hill tomorrow that carries the purpose of pressuring Governor Gary Herbert to use his executive authority to shut down the old waste plant, one has to wonder just how much longer Stericycle will be burning the bottom-of-the-barrel medical junk in the heart of the neighborhood.

The Seemingly Prophetic Words of Cherise Udell – Stericycle to Move Out of the Valley?

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