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Medical Waste Plant Whistleblower Affirms Burning of Aborted Fetuses by Stericycle

(EnviroNews DC News Bureau) — The video seen here is an extract from the recently released EnviroNews documentary Medical Waste Madness — ‘The Devil’s Work’ — Stericycle Plant Whistleblower Tells All. The transcript is as follows:

Now to shift gears just a little to another savory Stericycle topic — On July 2, 2012 an article by Mother Jones DC Bureau Chief David Corn, stirred a controversy when he wrote that Mitt Romney had been affiliated with Stericycle via Bain Capital, and that meant, according to the article, that Mitt Romney was in essence participating in the burning of aborted fetuses – a loaded allegation considering Romney’s right-wing-based opinion on abortion.

You could say that that article got people thinking a little more about whether or not they were walking around the neighborhood breathing aborted fetus fumes.

On June 4, 2014, the Editorial Board of the Standard Examiner, one of Utah’s largest and longest standing newspapers had this to say:

“Frankly, Utah should seriously consider if it wants a Stericycle anywhere in its boundaries. Besides its miserable tenure in North Salt Lake, it’s possible that Stericycle has burned aborted fetuses. The company’s policy is to not accept fetuses, but it acknowledges that such compliance is up to a hospital. In other words, Stericycle won’t verify whether it has incinerated fetuses or fetal remains.”

Well, once again, here’s another rumor about what may or may not be going on behind closed doors at the old waste burner – a rumor that Utah’s Stericycle whistleblower meant to add some clarity to.

Ex-employee: Some of the bags that would come in there, like red biohazard bags, but they’d rip open and everything and there’d be arms, legs, feet. One ripped open and everything, like I seriously started crying when I seen that one ‘cause it was actually a bag full of fetuses.

Urry: You’ve seen fetuses come through the facility?

Ex-employee: Yeah.

Urry: How common of an occurrence is that? I mean, is that something that you’ve seen a lot of, or just on that one occasion?

Ex-employee: I’ve seen that a lot. I started knowing which bags had what in it by the looks of them, and if I seen one that looked like that I’d just toss it. I didn’t want to look at them anymore.

The documentary in its entirety can be viewed below.

Medical Waste Plant Whistleblower Affirms Burning of Aborted Fetuses by Stericycle

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