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Erin Brockovich Is Asked: ‘Why no time for environmental crime?’

(EnviroNews California) – Los Angeles – There have been few instances in the history of the industrial revolution where anyone has actually gone to jail for atrocities committed against the environment. It seems at least pertinent to ask: Why hasn’t anyone been put in handcuffs yet for the BP spill for example, or for the Fukushima full-blown triple melt-through that continues to spew cesium, plutonium, and other deadly isotopes into the environment as we speak?

In the case of Fukushima and the Japanese Yakuza-run TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company), they have blatantly lied their little ”red wagons” off at nearly every juncture since the catastrophe in an effort to cover up the severity of the crisis, all the while exposing even more people to deadly poisons, delaying a heightened, aggressive response in Japan and at the international level.

In fact, it took TEPCO nine months to even openly admit that there had been a nuclear meltdown when they knew this from day two or three after the incident. Lie after cover-up lie has been slowly exposed or leaked as the world’s worst-ever nuclear crisis unfolds to this very day. Yet who has been put in handcuffs for the dastardly activities and untruths of Fukushima? We know of no one.

BP and Fukushima are only two examples of blatant and heinous crimes, both environmental and otherwise, yet we have heard not even an utterance of any possible criminal indictment.

Erin Brockovich is one tough cookie when it comes to holding the feet of big polluters to the fire, and earlier this year a member of her investigative team, Bob Bowcock, recently said this regarding the unfolding Stericycle medical waste incineration conundrum in Utah:

The actions that that company has taken are absolutely criminal, and these people need to be prosecuted, and we’re gonna be here till this fight is over, and we’re going to see some people go to jail for this.

Brockovich and her affiliated legal team have certainly punished some very naughty corporate polluters in the past. For instance, they have now cost Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) $333 million and $335 million in separate judgments for their groundwater polluting activities in California. That’s certainly no slap on the wrist, but in this unique interview episode with EnviroNews USA Editor-in-Chief Emerson Urry, the famed environmental activist and consumer advocate was asked a question that we repeatedly ask ourselves here at EnviroNews: “Why no time for environmental crime?”

Erin Brockovich Is Asked: ‘Why no time for environmental crime?’

2 thoughts on “Erin Brockovich Is Asked: ‘Why no time for environmental crime?’”

  1. That makes sense! A lot of these companies are paying for their environmental atrocities using other people’s money. PG&E recently increased their rates and I am sure it was to make up for their losses.

  2. What do these corporations think they are getting by stalling and not revealing the true nature of the mishaps? Things like this happen all of the time, why not own up to it right away and get things back on track?

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