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Filming Heated ‘Bomb Train’ Meeting With Sony PXW-X180 and Sony FS700 in Payette Idaho

(EnviroNews Sony Blog) — We noticed the power of the lens on Sony’s newest in the XDCAM lineup right away when filming a heated public meeting in Payette Idaho over explosive ‘bomb trains’ that would be hauling condensate out of Idaho’s first real oil-patch.

At first we were using the FS700 and Odyssey 7Q recording deck with the new UHD down compressed 4K codec. The native 18-200mm lens was just enough to get the participants and the council at the same time.

The meeting drug on for hours and we rolled out several sets of memory cards and batteries with the FS700 before going to the PXW-X180. Right off the bat you realize how useful the X180’s inherent 25-650mm wide lens is in a situation like this with action spread far apart in a tight space.

We were able to get the commissioners, the speaker, and a good chunk of the crowd all at once with the lens pulled back which was very helpful.

In post, even when the large ________ HD files were scaled to fill in 4K they stood up very well with the 4K rez footage without too much of a noticeable drop in resolution when cutting to the HD clips from the X180. All-in-all, a very high quality HD image.

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