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POLL CLOSED: Will President-Elect Trump Make Good on His Promise to Imprison Hillary Clinton? VIEW RESULTS

(EnviroNews Polls) — It’s hard to conceive of anything more “fascist” than a leader imprisoning his or her political opponents, but that is exactly what America’s new President-elect Donald Trump promised repeatedly to do to “Crooked Hillary” if he were to become the leader of the free world.

Early on the morning of November 9, 2016, to the shock of tens of millions, that’s exactly what happened, as Trump took the White House, leaving Democrats, the media, and people the world over, completely stunned.

Even though prosecuting individuals is not something within the bounds of the Presidency, with a Republican controlled House and Senate, and the power to appoint agency directors (like the Attorney General and Solicitor General), Trump may be able to accomplish things above and beyond the traditional scope of the Presidency’s boundaries — and it wouldn’t be the first time.

Had Clinton won, prosecution of any kind against her would have been difficult to say the least, as presidents can use “executive privilege” to avoid testifying in court or in front of congressional and senatorial commissions and committees.

Throughout the campaign, Trump hurled bombastic rhetoric at the American people through the media waves — from building a wall along the southern boarder (and making Mexico pay for it), to banning all Muslims from entering the United States. But near the end of the campaign, putting Clinton in jail became another eyebrow-raising talking point for Trump.

Following Clinton’s concession, many feel uneasy, saying they just don’t know what President-elect Trump will actually do after he actually takes control of the Oval Office and starts to lead. Will he make good on many of his promises? Or, was much of what he said on the campaign trail just bombastic rhetoric?

We put it to you, our readers and viewers: Will President-elect Donald Trump make good on his promise to prosecute Hillary Clinton after being sworn into office? Yes or no? Please cast your official vote via Twitter or Facebook in the polls below.



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