EnviroNews Direct Contact Directory

To email EnviroNews, send electronic mail to the following addresses:

General Inquiries: [email protected]
News Tips: [email protected]

To email local EnviroNews bureaus send mail to the following addresses:

EnviroNews DC Bureau: [email protected]
EnviroNews Utah: [email protected]
EnviroNews California: [email protected]
EnviroNews Alaska: [email protected]
EnviroNews Wyoming: [email protected]
EnviroNews Idaho: [email protected]
EnviroNews Oregon: [email protected]
EnviroNews Washington: [email protected]
EnviroNews Nevada: [email protected]
EnviroNews Montana: [email protected]

To write or send media materials to EnviroNews, please address your package to:

EnviroNews USA
58E 100N
Roosevelt, UT 84066

You may contact EnviroNews via phone in the following bureaus and/or cities:

EnviroNews USA Editor’s Desk — (202)907-7049
EnviroNews California Editor’s Desk — (323)872-7262
EnviroNews New York NewsDesk (coming soon) — (917)567-8785