EnviroNews Executive News Team

Emerson Urry
Emerson Urry
Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Executive News Producer of EnviroNews USA

Emerson Urry has directed and/or produced nearly 300 environmental films, documentaries, and news reels, of which many constitute breaking or exclusive environmental news content.

A member of both the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ), Urry holds journalistic ethics in the highest regard, and is known for his devotion to “old-school” investigative reporting.

In addition to his commitment to high quality journalism, Urry is known by his peers as one of the few people in the world today who can single-handedly perform nearly every key element in a film production. Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Cameraman, and Film Editor may be only the beginning of his work on a production as he is often known to proceed forward into sound editing, mixing, mastering and original soundtrack composition and is even fully trained in orchestral conducting for soundtrack work. These skills can also be topped off by 3D animation, special effects, lighting, and set design making Urry one of the most versatile and prolific independent film producers in the world today.

To add to the list of aforementioned skills Urry is also fast becoming a recognized on-camera talent as narrator, environmental correspondent, and interviewer, and has recently accomplished several key interviews for EnviroNews including Erin Brockovich, Neil Young, Daryl Hannah, Winona LaDuke, and a bombshell whistleblower segment with an American oil and gas CEO.

In his early life, he was a virtuoso pianist having specialized in, and performed the music of Bach and Mozart widely, in addition to being a world music extraordinaire who has obtained proficiency in over 60 indigenous instruments from all corners of the globe. He has performed in or been a featured artist at some of the world’s most prestigious world music and percussion festivals including PASIC (Percussive Art’s Society International Convention) and Seattle’s World Rhythm Festival and has also participated in or produced hundreds of independent world music films and audio recordings.

Check out Urry’s complete bio and filmography here.


Monica Bellenger
Monica Bellenger
Environews Utah Anchor

Monica Bellenger, a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Utah and attended law school at the University of California at Davis. She completed an internship at the ABC News Bureau in Washington, D.C. and then went on to work in a variety of positions both in front of the camera and behind the scenes in the film and television industries in Los Angeles.

Bellenger has been with EnviroNews since its inception and was the interviewer and on-camera talent for the first broadcast ever from the EnviroNews desk. That segment showcased a feature sit-down with Mayor Ralph Becker of Salt Lake City, Utah’s largest, and capitol city.

In addition to this prestigious interview, Bellenger narrated several documentaries for EnviroNews Utah while performing other impressive sit-down one-on-ones with climate hero Tim DeChristopher, Park City Mayor Dana Williams, highly conservative Utah Republican Governor Gary Herbert, and more.

Bellenger has held numerous positions in the arenas of multimedia and journalism including: actress, voice over artist, production assistant, production coordinator and associate producer. She has participated in an array of productions with companies such as AOL Time Warner and Scott Free Productions.


Shad Engkilterra
Shad Engkilterra,
EnviroNews Utah Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor of EnviroNews USA

Shad Engkilterra has reported on community activism issues in the Salt Lake area for over three years, and has been an instrumental part of the EnviroNews Utah, EnviroNews California, and EnviroNews DC news production teams.

In an in-depth EnviroNews Utah documentary last year, Engkilterra became the first TV-based news reporter in the country to report on Utah’s tar sands mines, as well as the massive 4 trillion barrel tar sands and oil shale reserves that are now estimated to lie in wait in this area. Several other news agencies such as Democracy Now have since picked up on the story.

He also authored two stories on EnviroNews California last year that received syndication and wide-viewing.

Engkilterra has written for examiner.com and worked as assistant editor at Salt Lake Community College’s The Globe.

While living in Alaska, Engkilterra gained a true understanding of the beauty of nature and how people can live in harmony with it. His hobbies include geocaching and Disney.

Engkilterra is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ).


Holly Tuckett
Holly Tuckett
Senior News Producer, EnviroNews Utah
Deputy News Producer, EnviroNews USA

Holly Tuckett has helped to produce two narrative features, ten short narrative films, one short documentary and numerous corporate and industrial projects since 2008. She has been an editor since 2003 and is Final Cut Pro Certified.

She has been working in the Camera and Electrical Departments for many well known production companies, including National Geographic, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, ALP Communications and Project 23. Her favorite camera job was working for the documentary production of “Away to Me,” a film about sheepdog herding competitions.

Tuckett has been in trenches with local EnviroNews Utah almost from its inception, and has served as editor, producer and videojournalist on dozens of films over the last five years. Her EnviroNews filmography can be viewed at https://environews.tv/tag/holly-tuckett/

Tuckett is a member of SEJ.


Kelly Kowalski
Kelly Kowalski
Senior News Producer, Environews California
Deputy News Produer, Environews USA

Kelly Kowalski is an Emmy award winning filmmaker and new media producer. She directs, shoots and edits documentaries and web series. She manages multimedia projects – including conducting research for groundbreaking stories, planning and implementing advocacy campaigns, creating social media content and strategizing community engagement. Kowalski learned the media trade living and working in Africa for 15 years and working at PBS in New Mexico for five years. She has received honors from Canada’s BANFF World Media Festival, Special Jury Citation at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, as well as six Emmy nominations for documentary and two Emmy wins for multimedia. Kowalski received her BA in International Development at UC Berkeley.


Josh Cunnings
Josh Cunnings
EnviroNews USA and DC News Desk Anchor

Josh Cunnings has been with EnviroNews from the early days. Holding the position of EnviroNews USA and DC News Desk anchor, Cunnings delivers instrumental reports to the world on behalf of our national news desk. He is also the sitting Bureau Chief of local EnviroNews California.

Cunnings is an international bike racing champion, health wonk and recognized worldwide for his knowledge and scientific innovations in the realm of organic horticulture and plant microbiology. He is the founder and president of Boogie Brew compost tea company. Boogie Brew’s products have benefited organic farmers the world over, and are available at www.BoogieBrew.net and will be available in the EnviroNews store (coming soon).


Blair Koch
Blair Koch
Bureau Chief, Environews Idaho

Blair Koch is a freelance investigative reporter based in Buhl, Idaho. For over a decade she has covered politics, business, agriculture and environment and is a plaintiff in the ongoing federal lawsuit over Idaho’s recently passed “Ag-Gag” laws.
Her work has been published in EcoWatch and Earthwork’s EARTHBlog. She worked as a freelance reporter for the Times-News, IdahoBusiness-Review, Ag-Weekly and Southern Idaho Living Magazine from 2003-2012 and served as the Times-News business section editor from 2010-2011.
Koch has an A.A. in Business from the College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls.


Suzanne Ashe
Suzanne Ashe,
EnviroNews Alaska Bureau Chief

Suzanne Ashe is a writer, a photographer, art collector, and an avid cook. She holds an Associate of Arts in journalism and attended San Francisco State journalism school.

She has contributed driving reviews, “green” news, and technology articles to CNET Car Tech, Wired magazine, and other publications. She’s covered government, business, art, education, lifestyles, and outdoors for the San Francisco Examiner, Union Democrat, and Salt Lake Tribune.

When she’s not investigating and reporting stories on the environment in Alaska, she’s serving as on-air music show host for NPR-affiliate KFKS, 100.9 FM Petersburg, and teaching her three tiny dogs how to pull a sled.


Heather Murdock
Heather Murdock
Environews USA Anchor

Heather Murdock was born in Orange, California and raised in Herriman, Utah. She majored in theater at Utah Valley University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in December of 2011.

Looking for a change and new challenge, Murdock transitioned into film after graduation. With a strong foundation in stage acting, Murdock’s quickly booked many roles in feature films including Darkness (2013), Point B (2013), WWJD (2013), and Adopting Trouble (2013), some shorts including Gloom (2013), Day of the Year (2013), and Sojourn (2013), and a few web-series including Stages (2012), Discombobulated (2012-2013), and Gruntslinger (2013).

Murdock’s passion for the arts extends to painting, drawing, singing and dancing.


Roberta McNair
Roberta McNair
Editor-in-Chief, EnviroNews Washington

Roberta McNair left her life on the San Francisco Peninsula moving to the Tacoma, Washington region in 2004. Since then, Roberta has made full use of her writing and editing skills on projects for long-time clients in California and Washington State.

Her undergraduate degree in English and Theater Arts from Notre Dame deNamur University in Belmont, California, and Master of Arts in English from Claremont Graduate University prepared her for the work she’s done as an abstractor/editor, freelance writer and editor for numerous commercial and nonprofit clients.

A stint as a stage manager at KGO-TV in San Francisco drew on Roberta’s technical theater knowledge while introducing her to the field of television news production.


Ken Bio pic 1
Ken Kruckenberg
Director of Sound Production

Ken Kruckenberg is an awward-winning producer, audio engineer, musician and composer whose expertise comes from his 41 years as an industry professional. He has engineered many television, radio, film and internet productions; his resume includes thousands of clients. He is also known for having setup Utah’s first all-digital recording environment in the ‘90s.

Kruckenberg works side by side with directors, cameramen, video editors and media professionals. He has composed original soundtracks for hundreds of television programs and advertisements, as well as many movie and documentary soundtracks.

Kruckenberg’s commitment to EnviroNews stems from his longtime interest in environmental, science, and green-tech issues. EnviroNews’ musical themes and soundtracks often include his compositions. He is currently co-producing on multiple national commercial projects, and teaches audio technology at his studio, Sonic Pathways in Salt Lake City.


Ian Burbage
Ian Burbage
Senior News Producer, EnviroNews California
Deputy News Producer, EnviroNews USA

Ian Burbage is the man behind the cameras for the Erin Brockovich interview and has filmed multiple other reports and news-desk episodes for EnviroNews. His creative drive, ingenuity and experience help push EnviroNews’ high production standard to a higher level. Burbage graduated with honors from the film program at Vassar College.

Burbage owns Sunflower Media Productions, LLC — a new media production company specializing in photographic, video and webcasting services for live events, legal, industrial, documentary and scripted work. His clients include Occidental College, The Society for Composers and Lyricists, Oribe Hair Products, Move LA, The Los Angeles World Affairs Council and Idealab.

Burbage has done every job from production assistant and grip to electrician, camera operator and editor. When not building blanket forts with his two young daughters or binge-viewing AMC and HBO with his wife, he likes to break away with a round or two of disc golf in the hills of Los Angeles.


Jim Spears
Jim Spears
EnviroNews USA Health and Medical Editor

James Spears M.S. has practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine professionally for 15 years.  He is an accomplished author in his field and has written five books.

In January of 2008, Spears started the Integrative Healing Society, which specializes in offering health care professionals continuing education through study abroad programs in China.

He taught Oriental medicine internationally and currently practices through several health and detox resort centers in Thailand.  Spears also offers counseling services that integrate alternative Western psychological practices with Eastern awareness and meditative disciplines.

Spears’ current projects involve working with a revolutionary treatment for Candida, and he is developing his own brand of herbal liquor.


Brooke Medicine Eagle
Brooke Medicine Eagle,
Director of the EnviroNews Nature and Wildlife Division

Brooke Medicine Eagle, was one of 30 people to receive the special Magical Blend Millennium Award in January of 2000.
A singer, songwriter, healer and ceremonial leader, Medicine Eagle looks to create beautiful and sustainable works as diverse as living areas, gardens, music and human relationships.

She is the best-selling author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance.

The Dawn Star gave Medicine Eagle the name “Chalise” inviting light and love to come through her expression.


Dane Urry
Dane Urry
Alternative Energy Editor

Dane Urry has worked in the renewable energy industry for over seven years covering a range of technology and applications across Asia and North America. Urry’s experience has primarily been within business development and project management for clean tech companies relating to hydrogen fuel cells, energy storage systems, commercial and residential PV solar power, commercial wind electricity generation, transportation and portable power. Urry has become quite aware about the effects fossil fuels and chemical industries and their pollutants have on the environment. As a result, one of his achievements was the development of award winning educational programs and products to educate the world’s youth about climate change and alternative and renewable energy technology.

Urry currently resides in Northern California and is focused on investigating new breakthrough energy generation and storage technologies. He is employed in the residential PV solar energy market to grow rooftop solar installations across California. Urry is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Bethany Argisle
Bethany Argisle
Director of EnviroKids

Bethany Argisle is the director of the newly launched EnviroKids program on EnviroNews. She has been published in hundreds of books, articles, journals, magazines, and more.

Argisle worked for over five years at the L.A. Times before the dawn of the internet age and brings an invaluable experience to the table when it comes to the adherence to “old-school” investigative reporting.

Since that time she was young, Argisle has used her writing and creative skills to bring forth an awareness of healthful living, both personally and in our world and word. This comes from her genuine love of nature, of children, and of life itself.

Argisle labels herself as a dedicated Eco-Vert and has been active with environmental issues since 1975, with a strong focus on health and children.


Louis Ekrem
Louis Ekrem
Deputy News Producer, EnviroNews California

Louis Ekrem has over 12 years of professional experience in moving image production. He is the president and founder of Laughing Cat Films in Sonoma County and has been at the helm for nearly a decade, where he has enjoyed working with alternative health care professionals, silicon valley tech pioneers and permaculture instructors and performing artists.
His experience as a news and radio on-TV director/producer at KFTY boosted his passion for covering breaking news stories throughout the San Francisco Bay Area with such agencies as Forbes.com and PandoDaily.com.
When Ekrem is not hard at work in production, he can be found hiking, running or sky diving somewhere in Northern California.


Ryan Parrish
Ryan Parrish
General Manager of Technology Developments

Ryan Parrish is General Manager of Technology Developments at EnviroNews USA and has lead the EnviroNews.TV web development project since its inception. He has over 13 years of professional experience in web development and business analysis.

Parrish shares a continuing passion for transparency in the media and for delivering a service that helps businesses to succeed. When he’s not wired into the multimedia matrix, he enjoys being with his family in the quiet solitude above 8,000 feet in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.