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1. Huffington Post

Utah Tar Sands: Will The U.S. Join Canada In Tapping The ‘Bottom Of The Barrel’?

Utah Medical Waste Incinerator Under Fire As Health Concerns Drive Push To Shut Down Facility


The consequences of ‘fossil-fuel addiction’

3. DailyKos

HEALTH ADVISORY: Chronic wasting disease may cross the human species barrier warns new study

4. Fox13

State Senator: Stericycle ‘very good at communicating with me’

Environmental groups call on Utah governor to shut down Stericycle

North Salt Lake mayor discusses Stericycle controversy, possible relocation

Citizens call for boycott of medical waste facility due to pollution concerns

Stericycle holds public meeting in Tooele County

5. KSL (Local NBC)

Angry residents plan rally after video of Stericycle pollution surfaces

How pollution laws will affect you: Key bills to follow

6. ABC4 (Utah’s ABC Affiliate)

New allegations against Stericycle claim the medical incinerating company is burning radioactive waste

7. Standard Examiner

Mad cow concerns aired: Burner incapable of destroying fatal disease agent

Protesters want waste incinerator closed down

Stericycle ‘Whistleblower’ reveals shocking allegations

8. Truth-Out

Take a Walk on a Leaky Uintah Basin Oil Well With a Whistleblowing Oil and Gas CEO

California’s Top 10 Environmental Disasters – Featuring Erin Brockovich

A Dirty Energy Emancipation Proclamation: In Utah?

Obama’s Natural Gas Whoopin’ – Oil CEO Says the President Is Wrong, Go Green Instead

Largest Air Pollution Rally in US History Goes Down on Utah’s Capitol Hill

Remembering Rocketdyne: Discussing America’s Worst Nuclear Meltdown (Not Three Mile Island) With Erin Brockovich

Lakota Sioux Tribe Invokes “Bad Men” Treaty Clause Over Keystone Pipeline

9. EcoWatch

Erin Brockovich: Local Advocacy Drives Big Change

10. Thom Haartman Show

There’s No Such Thing As A Safe Level of Radiation!

11. Free Speech TV (FSTV) — (Nationally Syndicated)

There’s No Such Thing As A Safe Level of Radiation!

12. FAIR Radio — CounterSpin Program (Syndicated to 130 Stations Nationwide)

‘We Do Not Want That to Be Our Legacy’

13. Counter Punch

Grouse Down

14. EarthFirst! Journal
Oil Company VP Assaults EnviroNews Chief Outside Public Meeting

Lakota Sioux Invoke Treaty Clause Over Keystone

15. Moms Clean Air Force Blog


16. Indian Country Today

Alaska’s Bill Walker, Byron Mallott Seek Second Term in 2018 Elections

17. Davis Clipper

Erin Brokovich to visit NSL Saturday

Anti-Stericycle groups ask Guv to force shutdown

Anti-Stericycle rally set for Wednesday

18. Uintah Basin Standard

Something in the air: Residents near IWM site claim they’re being poisoned

19. Utah Moms for Clean Air Blog

Historic “Clean Air – No Excuses” Rally in Utah

Stericycle: Lawsuits and Accountability