EnviroNews Media Partners Program

The EnviroNews Media Partners Program is a platform that maximizes today’s fast-moving, web-driven news aggregation and social media environment, while offering media outlets the opportunity to seamlessly benefit from the original and breaking environmental news content on EnviroNews.

As either a corporate or 501c3 non-profit media partner, you will receive inside breaking news tips about upcoming stories, as well as specialized and tailored embed codes for the EnviroNews video player, before news is released to the general public.

If you are an individual, working journalist, or blogger wishing to syndicate EnviroNews article or video content, please refer to the EnviroNews Syndication Policy. All companies, non-profits, institutions and individuals reprinting or syndicating EnviroNews content shall abide by the EnviroNews Syndication Policy and Rules of Engagement.

EnviroNews Media Partners also allows your company or organization to share in generated ad revenues, hands-free if you so choose, adding benefit, sustainability, and support for the syndication of our unique video and article content.

Our unique syndication opportunities make a way for established networks and organizations to benefit with ease from the spreading and dissemination of EnviroNews through their network utilizing our streamline platform.

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