Emerson Urry — Full News Biography

Emerson Urry
Emerson Urry

Executive News Producer and Editor-in-Chief at EnviroNews USA, Emerson Urry has directed, produced, written, edited, 3D animated, scored, and/or narrated approximately 500 environmental, health, and nature films, documentaries, and news segments — many of which represent established, breaking, or exclusive news. He has been a member of the White House Press corps and the Department of the Interior Press corps for the past eight years.

In addition to the aforementioned environmental films and documentaries, he has also served as Director, Producer, DP, Editor, and Animator on hundreds of other short independent films projects spanning many genres including politics, human rights, indigenous culture, music video, sports, live concerts and events, advertising, household pets, and many more.

As a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the Society of Environmental Journalists (SPJ), Urry holds journalistic ethics in the highest regard and is known for his devotion to “old-school” investigative reporting.
Urry is known for dazzling camera shots and phenomenal film editing speed. This, coupled with fast writing, editing, and typing skills, have made him one of the most prolific independent film and news producers in the world today.

Urry has also authored several hundred written articles, investigative long-reads, and deep-dive news analyses on a plethora of topics, and has served as a managing editor and/or story editor for some of the country’s most talented environmental journalists, spanning hundreds upon hundreds of top tier articles.
Alongside of his editorial duties at EnviroNews USA, he serves as a narrator and Director of Photography (DP) for the newly launched EnviroNews Nature — a division of EnviroNews USA.

An avid traveler, outdoorsman and lover of nature, Urry has personally shot and compiled over 300,000 HD, 4K, 6K, 8K, time-lapse and wildlife video clips from around the world, in what has given birth to a newly formed stock video footage company at EnviroNews.

In his youth, he was an acclaimed virtuoso pianist specializing in the music of Bach and Mozart, and trained as well as an orchestral conductor. In addition to classical music performance, he has participated in countless other performances and recordings spanning many genres, serving in the capacity of producer, performer, and sound engineer on hundreds of world, tribal, and shamanic music recordings.

The following filmography showcases only a small portion of Urry’s news and documentary production work. A more complete list of Urry’s work on EnviroNews can be seen here.

Medical Waste Madness — ‘The Devil’s Work’ — Stericycle Plant Whistleblower Tells All (Full Length Documentary that led to three investigations being launched out of the Utah governor’s office)

Take a Walk on a Leaky Uintah Basin Oil Well With a Whistleblowing Oil and Gas CEO
Amazing Electric Vehicle Conversions Done From Home (news documentary on EnviroNews Utah) https://environews.tv/mom-and-pop-tinkerers-2/

Neil Young on Climate Change, Keystone XL and Tar Sands at the Cowboy and Indian Alliance in DC

Erin Brockovich Is Asked: “Why no time for environmental crime?” (From the feature interview with the real Erin Brockovich)
How Would You Like An Oil Drill Rig in Your Backyard? Helpless Residents of Utah’s Duchesne County Are About To Find Out Exactly How It Feels (13 minute documentary exclusive straight from the oil-patch! – Narration, Emerson Urry.) https://environews.tv/commissioners-vote-unanimously-to-endanger-constituents-by-allowing-oil-wells-closer-to-homes-in-utahs-most-productive-oil-field/

Families Camp Out in Protest to Save the Tavaputs Plateau from America’s First Approved Commercial Tar Sands Mine (Feature documentary, and the first of it’s kind on Utah tar sands)

Historic Keystone XL Protest Spurs Hope for Environmental Movement While Activists Battle On

North American Oil and Gas CEO Comes Out Against Fracking: “Governor Cuomo, Please Don’t Do It!”

Massive Emergency Bypass Goes down at Stericycle Medical Waste Plant as Panicked Residents Run for Cover

Daryl Hannah and Winona LaDuke on Tar Sands, Keystone XL and Fukushima at the Cowboy and Indian Alliance
CONGRESS VOTES WITH U.S. SENATE TO END THE CONSTITUTION! (EnviroNews News Desk Coverage. 22 mins.) https://environews.tv/congress-votes-with-senate-to-end-the-us-constitution/
Breathless in Zion: Utah’s Battle for Clean Air (Film trailer for a full feature film to air later on our Documentary Showcase) https://environews.tv/breathless-in-zion-film-trailer/
Amy Goodman of Democracy Now is Asked About Fukushima and Nuclear Energy at San Francisco Green Fest (Live event coverage) https://environews.tv/amy-goodman-of-democracy-now-is-asked-about-fukushima-at-san-francisco-green-fest/
Heated Global Warming Fiasco Goes Down on Utah’s Capitol Hill! (Capitol Hill News Beat) https://environews.tv/hjr12-hjr21-global-warming-legislative-freak-show/
Josh Romney Exposed: Mitt Romney’s Son Tied to Stinking Controversial Oil Waste Pit (EnviroNews Exclusive) https://environews.tv/josh-romney-exposed-mitt-romneys-son-tied-to-stinking-controversial-oil-waste-pit/

What’s Really Behind the Raw Milk Raids, and FDA-Fueled “Men in Black Goon Squads”? (Live event coverage, dressed up with b-roll including large extended article expose’) https://environews.tv/whats-really-behind-the-raw-milk-raids-and-fda-fueled-men-in-black-goon-squads/
If You Like Lightning, You’ll Love This! Jaw-Dropping Electrical Storm Filmed Over the Great Salt Lake (Recently released on our Nature and Wildlife Division. Very exciting! Narration, Emerson Urry) https://environews.tv/if-you-love-lightning-youll-love-this-phenomenal-electrical-storm-filmed-over-the-great-salt-lake/
Protestors Storm the Utah State Capitol in Outrage of HB 477 (A protest that get’s downright out of hand!) https://environews.tv/protestors-storm-the-utah-state-capitol-on-outrage-of-hb-477/
Alarming Autism Rates Continue to Plague South Davis County https://environews.tv/extremely-high-autism-rates-in-davis-county/
Synopsis of Utah’s Deadly Air Pollution Problem at the State Capitol https://environews.tv/synopsis-of-utahs-horrendous-air-pollution-problem-at-the-state-capitol/
Amazing Paper Handcrafted From Elephant Poop! (Live event coverage, later dressed up with b-roll) https://environews.tv/mr-ellie-pooh-at-the-san-francisco-green-fest-5/
EnviroNews Idaho Officially Launches With Breathtaking Footage Near Swan Lake https://environews.tv/environews-idaho-officially-launches-with-magnificent-footage-near-swan-lake/
Heated Air Pollution Rally on Capitol Hill https://environews.tv/heated-air-pollution-rally-on-capitol-hill/
Oil CEO Admits Quart by Quart Oil Spills Are Happening Daily Into Our Cherished Water Supplies https://environews.tv/oil-ceo-admits-quart-by-quart-oil-spills-are-happening-continually-and-on-a-daily-basis-into-our-precious-water-supplies/

Climate Hero Tim DeChristopher Free From Prison at Last!
The Environmental Good of Green Burials and Green Coffins https://environews.tv/the-environmental-good-of-green-burials-and-green-caskets/
North American Oil CEO Admits Tar Sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline Are Bad Ideas https://environews.tv/north-american-oil-ceo-admits-tar-sands-and-the-keystone-xl-pipeline-are-bad-ideas/
Governor Gary R. Herbert is Pinned Down on Source Polluters by Monica Bellenger https://environews.tv/governor-gary-r-herbert-on-source-polluters/
Tesoro Refinery Workers Walk the Picket Line Facing a Lockout (News Beat Documentary. Narration, Emerson Urry) https://environews.tv/tesoro-refinery-workers-walk-the-picket-line-facing-a-lockout/
Protests Against America’s First Approved Tar Sands Operation Rage in Utah at Chevron Refinery (Straight EnviroBeat reporting) https://environews.tv/protests-against-americas-first-approved-tar-sands-operation-rage-in-utah-at-chevron-refinery-2/

Saving the World One Organic Shopping Bag at a Time (This is the film that features the huge gyre garbage patch in the ocean etc.) https://environews.tv/saving-the-world-one-organic-cotton-shopping-bag-at-a-time/
Rascally Lion Cub Takes a Spill and Frightens His Poor Sleeping Mother. Adorable! (Another recent release from the Nature and Wildlife Division – Narration, Emerson Urry)) https://environews.tv/rascally-lion-cub-takes-a-spill-from-a-tree-and-frightens-his-poor-unexpecting-and-sleeping-mother-adorable/
Chemically Induced Asthma is a Very Real Thing https://environews.tv/chemically-induced-asthma/
Linda Peterson Denounces HB 477 at a Rally on Capitol Hill (How to protest and how to get it done. The bill was later repealed!) https://environews.tv/linda-peterson-at-the-hb-477-rally-at-the-capitol/
EnviroNews USA Launches it’s Nature and Wildlife Division With a Spectacular Sunset Time-lapse Music Video on Antelope Island (Narration, Emerson Urry) https://environews.tv/environews-usa-officially-launches-its-nature-and-wildlife-division-with-a-spectacular-sunset-time-lapse-music-video-on-antelope-island/