EnviroNews is an independently owned and operated American news-reporting agency powered by 100% original video content. In trailblazing fashion while upholding the highest quality standards, EnviroNews is considered to be the first (and presently only) 4K news company in the world, with all content being captured and ultimately output in stunning 4K and UHD resolutions.

Founded in 2008 by Editor-in-Chief Emerson Urry, EnviroNews USA is quickly becoming one of the most respected investigative video units on the planet, simultaneously featuring some of the hardest-hitting investigative journalism in the world today. EnviroNews is fast becoming America’s premier source of high-end news, information, and education on environmental, energy, health, nature, and wildlife issues, and maintains the aggressive goal of expanding this model to all corners of the globe within the next few years.

Maintaining old-school investigative reporting methods, EnviroNews holds its reporters to a stringent code of journalistic ethics and fact checking. Many of EnviroNews’ reporters and staff are card-carrying members of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ), and other accredited organizations devoted to protecting the integrity of journalism and the rights of investigative reporters everywhere. EnviroNews’ reporters and journalistic techniques set it apart from the Twitter-driven, sensational, and frenzied environment prevalent in today’s fast-moving news world.

Many of today’s prominent online “news” outlets have taken the cheap and easy road to business success in the media industry, hiring article writers for pennies on the dollar to recycle, re-can, and repackage breaking stories. Many outlets water down the news market and dilute discernibly original content, leaving readers and viewers with similar versions of the same stories from multiple outlets. The goal at EnviroNews is journalistic success: Every story produced by EnviroNews USA, our affiliates, and our local bureaus contains 100% original video and/or article content, with the very occasional and fleeting application of fair-use media (embodying less than 1% of overall content on the EnviroNews site). No EnviroNews stories resemble the commonly found recycled-article material in the so-called online news market. With the exception of press conference, news-beat, and breaking news situations of great importance, stories from EnviroNews are most often truly “exclusive” and “breaking” in nature.

In-depth written exposés frequently accompany EnviroNews films, expanding on and extending their scope. The unique news platform at www.EnviroNews.com seamlessly integrates with dozens of social-sharing platforms and blogospheres to offer a user-friendly atmosphere for subscribers or registered users to blog and comment, as well as to provide educational and sharing opportunities.

Neither EnviroNews USA nor its corresponding local bureaus engage in ambush or “backdoor” interview tactics, and there is no plan to change that. Interviews are enlisted via our contributors — who represent a multitude of varying viewpoints and affiliations — through a direct, front-door approach. EnviroNews’ interview subjects include a vast array of people: environmental professionals, movie stars, rock stars, celebrity (and uncelebrated) activists, governors, mayors, senators, green CEOs, major auto-company executives, refinery and oil company CEOs and presidents, doctors, and whistleblowers — and that’s just for starters.

Recent in-depth interviews with activists Erin Brockovich and Neil Young have demonstrated strong public faces in the environmental sector, and have helped to drive the EnviroNews brand further wider. In stark contrast, anonymous whistleblowers — with their faces obscured and voices altered­ — trust EnviroNews to protect their identities, where they have a safe platform to impart to viewers truths only they can reveal.

What also sets EnviroNews apart from other web-based, grassroots news organizations is our national/local affiliate/bureau model that seeks to establish news bureaus with boots-on-the-ground reporters and producers in all 50 states and the nation’s capital, as well as abroad. EnviroNews Utah was our first locally established news bureau, and subsequent “virtual” bureaus have been founded and are in various stages of development in California, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania and Arizona, with several others coming soon. These local news bureaus currently feed into and support the EnviroNews DC News Bureau and the EnviroNews USA live and interactive newsfeed.

EnviroNews is a place where you, your neighbor, or your devoted community journalist can become involved in the debate, as well as contribute information and insight to the ensuing dialog. As part of its nationwide expansion goal, EnviroNews has worked with a multitude of journalists and contributors, and carries the hope to creating thousands of jobs in the future in the time-tested, yet largely forgotten art form of investigative reporting.

Numerous news organizations have syndicated and/or linked to EnviroNews’ content, and countless other educational websites have utilized EnviroNews media to help inform people in over 150 countries around the world. These include MSNBC, The Huffington Post, Truthout, and EcoWatch, as well as local outlets Fox13 in Salt Lake City, Utah’s KSL, Ogden’s Standard-Examiner, Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune and more. (You can see a list of all of these news organizations with links here.)

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