EnviroNews (the Company) is an independently owned and operated American news-reporting company powered by 100% original video and article content. From its inception until now, EnviroNews has published zero reprinted or syndicated content from other outlets. Sacrificing the common, quick and easy path to network growth and increased ad revenue, EnviroNews reporting is always built from scratch — even at the Headline News Desk. The Company does cover breaking news and beats, but specializes in the production of deep-dive, locally-based investigative reports and documentaries while upholding the strictest in journalistic ethics. EnviroNews has a codified policy barring the Editorial Board (a.k.a. The Editors) from endorsing political candidates — in contrast to many of the country’s leading news outlets.

EnviroNews is not a left or right-leaning news agency, however, If an individual, company or organization is harming the environment, EnviroNews is going to report on it; conversely, if somebody’s helping the environment, EnviroNews is going to report on that too. The Company always strives to maintain the highest level of journalistic accountability, and while our award-winning reporters tell the stories in their own unique ways, it is The Editors who make the final call on headlines and imagery (and The Editors are not afraid to call balls, strikes or downright shenanigans and may from time to time even use old-school exaggerated caricature art).

Founded in 2008 by Editor-in-Chief Emerson Urry, EnviroNews is quickly becoming one of the most respected investigative video/article units in the country, simultaneously featuring some of the hardest-hitting journalism in the world today. EnviroNews is fast becoming America’s premier source of high-end news, information, and education on environmental, energy, health, climate, nature, and wildlife issues, and maintains the aggressive goal of expanding this model to all corners of the globe within the next few years.

In trailblazing fashion, the Company’s first 4K broadcast came in 2013 putting EnviroNews on the map as the “world’s first 4K news Company.” These days, EnviroNews boasts being the first news network in the world to capture all video content in 12K resolution. Simultaneously, EnviroNews is building its own Imagine Video Stock Library and Digital Natural History Museum, which is slated to launch in 2022. The library currently houses approximately 500,000 unique video clips of the highest quality.  The Company’s early leap to 4K broadcasting was featured in Sony Action Magazine, Broadcasting & Cable Magazine, TV Technology Magazine and others. EnviroNews has already made the leap to 8K broadcasting, well ahead of large cumbersome TV networks, and was the second news agency in the world to make the 8K leap.

In-depth written exposés frequently accompany EnviroNews films, expanding on and extending their scope. The unique digital platform at www.EnviroNews.com seamlessly integrates with dozens of social-sharing platforms to offer a user-friendly atmosphere for subscribers and registered users to comment and interact.

Maintaining old-school investigative reporting methods, EnviroNews holds its reporters to a stringent code of journalistic ethics and fact checking. The Company maintains reporters in the White House Press Corps as well as the Department of Interior Corps and several governor’s pools throughout the western U.S. Many of EnviroNews’ reporters and staff are card-carrying members of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ), and other accredited organizations devoted to protecting the integrity of journalism and the rights of reporters everywhere.

EnviroNews USA and its corresponding local bureaus rarely engage in ambush interview tactics, and only then when an official or individual who urgently needs to be held to public account is dodging the news team. In that case the kid-mitts sometimes need to come off. But typically speaking, EnviroNews interviewees — who represent a multitude of varying viewpoints and affiliations — are enlisted through a direct, front-door approach. EnviroNews’ interview subjects have included a vast array of people over the years: environmental professionals, movie stars, rock stars, celebrity (and uncelebrated) activists, governors, mayors, senators, green CEOs, major auto-company executives, refinery and oil company CEOs and presidents, doctors, and whistleblowers — and that’s just for starters.

Recent in-depth, on-camera interviews with activists such as Erin Brockovich, Daryl Hannah, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Neil Young have demonstrated strong public faces in the environmental sector. In stark contrast, anonymous whistleblowers — at times, with their faces obscured and voices altered­ — trust EnviroNews to handle their information and protect their identities on a safe platform to impart truths only they can reveal.

EnviroNews maintains the strictest policy in protecting sources and whistleblowers and has acted as a haven for citizens, experts and officials of conscience to safely reveal the truth. In several cases, EnviroNews reporters have been pressured by government agencies and law enforcement to reveal information or the identity of whistleblowers; in every case the Company and our reporters have refused.

EnviroNews has an expansive business model. At the core are two offsetting divisions: EnviroNews USA and EnviroNews World News, with multiple bureaus, divisions and offshoots existing under each. Under EnviroNews USA, the company seeks to establish local digital news bureaus, with boots-on-the-ground reporters and producers, in all 50 states and the Nation’s capitol. EnviroNews Utah was our first locally established news bureau, and subsequent “virtual bureaus” have been founded and are in various stages of development in California, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania and Arizona, with several others coming soon. These local news bureaus are administered by, and support the EnviroNews DC News Bureau, simultaneously feeding into the EnviroNews USA live and interactive newsfeed.

EnviroNews is a place where you, your neighbor, and your devoted local journalist can become involved in the debate, as well as contribute information and insight to the ensuing dialog. As part of its nationwide expansion goal, the Company has worked with a multitude of journalists and contributors, and carries the hope to creating thousands of jobs in the future in the time-tested, yet largely forgotten art form of investigative reporting.

Numerous news organizations have reported on, syndicated and/or linked to EnviroNews‘ content, and countless other educational websites have utilized EnviroNews media to help inform people in over 150 countries around the world. These include MSNBC, The Huffington Post, Pacific Sun, Truthout, DeSmog Blog and EcoWatch, as well as local outlets Fox13 in Salt Lake City, Utah’s KSL (CBS), Salt Lake’s ABC4, Ogden’s Standard-Examiner, Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune and many more. (You can see a list of many of these news organizations with links here.)

Thank you for reading, listening and watching!