Bald Eagle Gets Hit, Crumpled and Swallowed by Saturn Air Intake — See What Happens Next

(EnviroNews World News) — A story featuring a very lucky, or unlucky (depending how you look at it) bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) has been circulating around the internet after the bird was hit by a car, crunched and crumpled into an automotive grill where the raptor became lodged.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office and Clay Fire Rescue showed up on the scene first to assist with removing the fabulous flier from the lower air intake of the gray Saturn.

After dislodging the magnificent creature into a large metal cage, it was turned over to the Bird Emergency Aid & Kare Sanctuary (B.E.A.K.S.)

Cynthia Mosling, owner of B.E.A.K.S., told CNN the eagle is a seven-year-old male. “Matthew is with us and doing well,” B.E.A.K.S. reported on its Facebook page.

Matthew the Bald Eagle

Matthew the Bald Eagle

Matthew the Bald Eagle

Matthew the Bald Eagle

The Sheriff’s Office later reported the raptor is recovering nicely, and will be released back into the wild after he is rehabilitated.

Since the episode, the “inconvenienced” animal has even received a name: “Matthew.” Now, bird lovers the world over watch and wait for the day Matthew will once again spread his wings and fly free in the wild.


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