Video: Baby Elephant Crushes Car Like a Tin Can Near Cape Cod, MA

Video: Juvenile Elephant Rams, Stomps and Crushes Car Like Tin Can

(EnviroNews World News) — An amazing video has been circulating around Facebook raking in over 13 million views thus far. The subject: a baby elephant ramming, stomping and crunching a car like a tin can when the vehicle came onto the youngster’s turf. If you haven’t seen this amazing video yet, have a look:

Be careful on the roads, our minions don't think your insurance company will believe this story!

Posted by Bourne Police Department on Saturday, January 24, 2015

Many millions of people worldwide care about the plight of the elephant as a whole, and many in the blog around this video seemed refreshed to see elephants fight back against human infringement into their territories — something that undoubtedly makes for a constant annoyance for the gentle giants.


Last month, EnviroNews World News published an article titled, “Tanzania’s Elephant Bloodbath — Sand Runs Red as 2/3 of Population Killed by Ivory Raiders in 5 Yrs.” The piece exposes a critical situation in what was once the world’s largest stronghold for the African elephant, wherein 60% of that entire population has been mowed down by ivory raiders in 5 short years.

EnviroNews Headline: Tanzania's Elephant Bloodbath -- Can it Be Stopped? -- 60% of Population Poached Over 5 Yrs.
EnviroNews Headline: Tanzania’s Elephant Bloodbath — Can it Be Stopped? — 60% of Population Poached Over 5 Yrs.

However, another EnviroNews story about the killing of elephants in Sri Lanka has a happy ending, when a company called Mr. Ellie Pooh stepped in to stop that country’s elephant bloodbath.

The company makes an astonishingly durable paper from elephant poop — a dropping that contains about 75% fiber — and when Ellie Pooh showed rice farmers they could make more from gathering elephant dung than they could by harvesting their rice, they stopped looking at the “mild-mannered creature” as a nuisance — and started seeing it as a source of income. Nowadays, they revere elephants as animals that sustain their lives — animals to be taken care of not killed. Money talks and dung walks.

Amazing Hand-Crafted Elephant Poop Paper From Sri Lanka

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