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Saving the World One Organic Cotton Shopping Bag at a Time

(EnviroNews California) – Lorin Trodderman of the Santa Cruz, California-based company Blue Lotus takes us through a tale of plastic pandemonium as he explains the devastation of plastic bags in our eco system, while simultaneously offering a simple and empowering solution.

In this educational interview, Trodderman eloquently explains how the use of organic, reusable, cotton shopping bags is an important solution that can help combat the devastating impacts of plastic in our environment and oceans.

Josh Cunnings reports from the 2011 New Living Expo in San Francisco, California.

Saving the World One Organic Cotton Shopping Bag at a Time

4 thoughts on “Saving the World One Organic Cotton Shopping Bag at a Time”

  1. Coming from Europe, and now living in the USA, is that when I go shopping and I get out my bags (yes, the cotton ones) then they look at me like, excuse me we have here plastic bags!!

    What they (the shop) not seem to understand is that there is already to much plastic in general.
    All is packed in plastic. Lets do all something about it and start refusing those stupid plastic bags and get your own green fabric bags.

    1. Sorry, it makes no different if you start using fabric bags, because all the plastic bags get made anyway. Too solve this problem they need to stop making plastic stuff in general.

      It looks like that humanity is killing itself!

      1. Betty I do not agree that it makes no difference to not use cotton bags, because it’s all about consumer demand. If consumers refused to used plastic bags, manufactureres would be put out of business or have to shift with the market. If we chang peoples hearts and minds with good education like this movie here, then dollar voting will take over. It is all about consumer demand.

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