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Famed Musician Kurt Bestor on Air Pollution: ‘I knew I had found my cause’

(EnviroNews Utah) — Salt Lake City, Utah — Following a hampering string of “Red Air” days, last year’s “Clean Air No Excuses” rally constituted the largest air-pollution-specific event in U.S., and possibly world history, according to research conducted at local EnviroNews Utah, and 2015’s “Clean Air No Excuses II” was not far behind, despite a relatively clear, blue-sky day.

Largest Air Pollution Rally in U.S. History Goes down on Utah’s Capitol Hill

Last year’s massive rally topped even China’s sizable 2013 Kunming air pollution protest in numbered attendees, and brought some very noteworthy people to the podium. Legendary news anchor Dick Nourse topped the list and was joined by politicians, environmental lawyers, and even members of celebrity activist Erin Brockovich’s legal team.

Team Erin Brockovich Demands Immediate Criminal Prosecution of Stericycle – AGAIN!

2015’s “Clean Air No Excuses II” also featured some prominent personalities to address the electrified crowd — among those was renowned composer and Christmas music extraordinaire Kurt Bestor.

Bestor, a familiar face to say the least in Utah, told the story of how he was motivated to action on Utah’s nasty air crisis after his six-year-old daughter complained about not being allowed outside to play at recess when air conditions are poor — a story we have heard all too often in the Beehive State.

Bestor explained his new “cause” to the pumped-up crowd thusly:

I was taking my daughter to school. We were driving along 11th Avenue, and I looked out and I said, ” Ella look at the fog,” and she said, “daddy, its not fog, it’s pollution.” I thought to myself, “she’s six years old.” I said, “so, what makes pollution?” She said, “well, a myriad of things daddy.” At that point, I just let her educate me. I said, “what happens when there’s pollution?” — and this is why I’m here. She said, “it means that we can’t go out for recess.” At that moment, I knew I had found my cause.

Famed Musician Kurt Bestor on Air Pollution: ‘I knew I had found my cause’

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