Are You Cooking With Chloraminated Water? Adding Salt Could Make Chloramine 10,000X More Toxic

(EnviroNews California) — Stockton, California — As the festering water crisis in Stockton, California continues to unfurl, legendary groundwater defender and celebrity activist Erin Brockovich arrived on the scene February 1, 2016, to add her voice to the many outraged voices from the community, already calling foul.

Traveling with Brockovich was Bob Bowcock of Integrated Resource Management, a water quality expert and one of the lead investigators on Brockovich’s team.

Stockton recently switched over to the use of chloramine as a disinfectant after the city failed water quality compliance tests — and when that happened, Brockovich and others sounded the alarm.

Bowcock took the mic in front of a crowd of over 1,200 people — the largest town hall in Stockton’s history — and dropped info-bomb after info-bomb on the increased dangers of using chloramine in the city’s drinking water supply.

“If you use chloramine and your cooking with it, and you take regular Morton Salt and salt your water — like if you make pasta and you put some salt in the water, the iodine in the salt mixes with the chloramine and makes iodic acid that’s 10,000 times more toxic than the trihalomethane,” Bowcock told an alarmed audience.

The people of Stockton have been sold a bag of chloraminated goods, and now they’re mad as hell — something readily apparent at the meeting, as resident after resident took the mic to speak in outrage over what has happened to the city’s water supply.

Mayor Anthony Silva took the side of Brockovich and the community and helped moderate the meeting, sympathizing with angry community members and promising to get a handle on the situation. Now locals are early awaiting to see exactly what their elected leaders plan on doing to protect them.

Are You Cooking With Chloraminated Water? Adding Salt Could Make Chloramine 10,000X More Toxic

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