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Kindergarten Fukushima Science Project Says it All: “Now tuna fish in California have cesium. YUK!”

(EnviroNews California via Community Watch Blog) – In a high traffic zone of buzzing, bustling, and boisterous kindergarten through 2nd grade students at Brookhaven Elementary School in Sebastopol, CA, we saw some pretty awesome looking and even delicious tasting science projects. One project focused on the scientific difference in enjoyability between cookies made with ZERO sugar, 50% of the required sugar, and the full recommended dose of the white powder that most of us enjoy, as students and parents took their turn experimenting with the different levels of sensory pleasure experienced in three distinct scientific tasting zones.

From strange kaleidoscope-like, multi-colored, moving, separating milk proteins, to robots with glowing lights born of home-generated electrical currents, the elementary school science fair had it all, but there was one project that wore some unique distinctions, and carried the gloomy and ominous title of “Fukushima in Our Oceans”.

Kindergartener, Savanna was busy presenting her drawings, a poster setup, and an exclusively iPad shot and edited video, that all featured the nuclear topic, and focused on a very plain and daunting fact: The fact that deadly, and highly carcinogenic plutonium and cesium isotopes were spewed, and continue to be spewed into the Pacific Ocean to this very day from the world’s first, full blown, (triple) nuclear core MELT-THROUGH (many magnitudes more destructive than a traditional nuclear MELTDOWN because it enters groundwater tables). The project additionally featured and focused on the fact that this deadly radiation is now contained within the bodies of tuna and other edible fish in the great Pacific and beyond.

In August of 2011, only 5 months after the March catastrophe, 15 bluefin tuna were caught and scientifically tested off the coast of California and horrifically, all 15 tested positive for cesium. What is most frightening about all of this is that tuna and other migratory fish that are currently being tested are still positively demonstrating high and even escalating levels of cesium, which is indicative of the glum and frowny reality that radiation is still leaking steadfast into the sea via way of the groundwater that has now been forever tainted by the costal Daiichi plant’s reactor cores 1,2, and 3, turned deadly nuclear molten blobs, that melted fully through their containment vessels to run wild into the aquifers in a “China Syndrome”-style nightmare, only before seen in the 1970’s Jane Fonda cinema classic.

Scientists know that cesium continues to escape into the ocean on the coast of Japan due to the amazing ability of certain species of fish to excrete cesium, through their internal metabolic processes. So if the source of contamination had been stopped, cesium levels in fish would be in overall steady decline say scientists.

Cesium 134 and 137 are manmade radioactive isotopes that are a byproduct of the nuclear fission process that occurs in the reactor during the energy generation process, and medically speaking, there are no known levels of cesium, plutonium, or americium that are considered to be “safe” for human consumption, and in the case of plutonium it has been demonstrated that even less than 1/1,000,000th of a gram can cause cancer in a human being, although the gestation period may be many years.

The grade K youngster who still maintained a demeanor full of fun and laughs as she narrated a small report discussing how the “yukky poison” got into the sea, was accompanied to the fair by her father, who had this to say to EnviroNews California regarding the kindergarten science topic that is downright horrifying in it’s very nature: “I was ten years old when Chernobyl happened, and maybe we heard the word a few times, but we were NEVER taught about the size, scope, and utter devastation of this catastrophe that has today, 25 years later, rendered over a million dead, and 3 million children in Belarus alone, dependent on medical treatment. This is unacceptable, and only 4% of the radioactivity that could have been released from Chernobyl, was released, and that was due by-and-large to the paramount and courageous choices made by Mikhail Gorbachev, and the unprecedented, and in many cases fatal actions of hundreds of thousands of supremely heroic ‘bio-robots’ and ‘liquidators’, countless of who died in the process of entombing it in a now fast-failing sarcophagus. Because for whatever reason, we were not taught about this in school, what is happening now? We are repeating history, and these nuclear catastrophes are mistakes that humanity simply cannot afford to be repeating. So unfortunately due to the dangerous path that we as a species have taken, and although it’s not a peaches and cream subject, we must start here with education, and at an early age.”

While following up on this story, we were surprised and encouraged to learn that little Miss Savanna was not the only kindergartner who was already well aware of the planetary woes unleashed by what has been deemed by many experts to be the worst environmental disaster in human history. One little Japanese-American boy knew full well about the tragic troubles visited on the coast of Japan, and another little boy gave us a full blown dissertation on the nest-fowling quandary of nuclear waste.

One slogan we at EnviroNews California have noticed being used over and over as of late, in article after article published by “credible” news agencies in regard to Fukushima is this: “the worst nuclear disaster SINCE Chernobyl”. While pussyfooting around and playing it safe in their reporting, these news agencies and reporters fail to single out Fukushima for what it really is: Unequivocally the worst nuclear catastrophe in human history, and likely the most health-destructive manmade environmental disaster in history with the possible “apples and oranges” exception of the totality of aspects and components contained within the manmade climate conundrum. When will they just start calling Fukushima for what it actually is? Additionally, if less than 1/1,000,000th of a gram of plutonium can cause cancer in a human being, and it’s half life is 224,100 years, it seems as if the eating of seafood SHOULD be reported as downright dangerous and unacceptable, especially for children right? We were recently wondering why we never hear much reporting on that from many of these same news sources….

Kindergarten Fukushima Science Project Says it All: “Now tuna fish in California have cesium. YUK!”

4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Fukushima Science Project Says it All: “Now tuna fish in California have cesium. YUK!””

  1. It is a sad fact, but if we don’t start to teach our children about these calamities, it is almost certain humanity will repeat the same mistakes in the next generation. 🙁

  2. the film is cute, but the attached article is actually horrifying. It is so horrifying to think that all this rwadiation is in the ocean now. Why aren’t they telling everyone not to eat anymore seafood?

  3. Very cute video about an absolutely terrible situation. I feel so sorry for all the atomic refugees currently displaced by this horrible disaster in Japan. Experts say that radiation is entering the ocean from toxic groundwater. Perhaps we should be talking about how to get the planet out of the nuclear nighmare we are facing. 🙁

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