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The UPSIDE of Utah’s Crummy Air Pollution Problem

(EnviroNews Utah) – From the EnviroNews Utah archives, this incredible and simply angelic sunset was filmed as part of a project that had the time consuming goal of time-lapsing 100 breathtaking sunsets on Antelope Island in the downright awesome ecosystem of the Great Salt Lake.

One might ask: “Why such an extensive project of cinematography here in this particular location? Just what exactly makes the sunsets over the Great Salt Lake so special?”

In the last few years, Utah has gained worldwide notoriety for having some of the most dangerously polluted air on the planet. But hey, ya’ gotta look on the bright side right? And just what is the upside of all Utah’s dangerous and deadly air? Well, you’re looking at it! Thank you for watching.

The UPSIDE of Utah’s Crummy Air Pollution Problem

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  1. I know Los Angeles used to have some dazzling sunsets for the exact same reason. All that particulate sure looks pretty when it is all painted up by Father Sky’s paintbrush!

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