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Welcome to EnviroNews Montana!

(EnviroNews Montana) – Welcome to the official opening of EnviroNews Montana. Please enjoy a lovely change of pace with this short film featuring picturesque video clips emanating from two of Montana’s most pristine wilderness areas.

The Beartooth Mountain Range and Montana’s Bitter Root Valley are legendary for their long stretches of immaculate wilderness coupled with thick deer, moose, bear and other wildlife.

The footage featured in this video is from some of the earliest shoots in our Nature and Wildlife Division, and originates from over a decade ago.

The music heard in this EnviroNews Montana launch video comes from Brooke Medicine Eagle who is a world famous medicine woman and spiritual teacher. Medicine Eagle was born and has resided for much of her life in the vast back woods of the Big Sky State. Medicine Eagle’s work, including her books, CD’s, encampments and more, can be explored at www.MedicineEagle.com

Please stay tuned over the next year as we bring you more awesome nature and wildlife episodes, as well as breaking reports on several key environmental issues facing Montanans. Welcome to EnviroNews Montana.

Welcome to EnviroNews Montana!

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  1. Great website, wish only that the reporting was an little shorter. In today life the time to look at some of the interesting stories, I needed to look at it twice too see all 🙂

    Keep up the good work. Website looks nice …

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