Stericycle Bombs Neighborhood With Deadly Black Smoke Again in Massive Afternoon Bypass

(EnviroNews Utah via Community Watch Blog) — North Salt Lake — At about 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, residents of Foxboro were caught in another Stericycle bypass event as fire and black smoke billowed out of the unfiltered bypass stack at the medical waste incinerator in the now residential area. According to some reports, the bypass event lasted for a half hour and was triggered by a power outage.

North Salt Lake residents accuse the government and the DAQ of continually putting profits and business before people, while they, and all those in the Wasatch Airshed continue to be inundated with deadly toxins such as radiation, prions, dioxin, and heavy metals that fallout from episodes like the one witnessed recently.

A proposed move to Tooele County, facilitated by Governor Herbert’s staff, is still in the works, and it could take 18 months or longer for the permitting process and the building of the plant. Proving that out of sight is out of mind, this arrangement will benefit Stericycle and keep in state a paltry 50 jobs that the company creates in Utah.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that dioxin emitted by medical waste incinerators are found hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from the source making the move to Tooele an operation in deceiving the public about air pollution and its contributors.

Until the incinerator is closed permanently and Stericycle moves to another more state-of-the-art form of waste disposal, residents in the Wasatch airshed and the Foxboro community will continue to be exposed to the deadly toxins and prions that are released through the plants activities.

Stericycle Bombs Neighborhood With Deadly Black Smoke Again in Massive Afternoon Bypass

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