The Deadly Dangers of Medical Waste Incineration

The Deadly Dangers of Medical Waste Incineration

(EnviroNews DC News Bureau) — North Salt Lake City, Utah — The following transcript is extracted from the EnviroNews USA full feature documentary Medical Waste Madness — ‘The Devil’s Work’:

The Hippocratic Oath is a pledge that over 98% of medical students recite on graduation day. Their sacred pledge: “DO NO HARM.” — but little do most of them realize that a downright deadly culprit is undoing and undermining their solemnly sworn Hippocratic Oath — transforming it into a “Hypocritical Oath” of disease and destruction, the very day they open the doors on their medical practices.

So, just who or what is this seemingly sinister foe to the sacred pledge of those budding young MDs one might ask? The dangerous villain in this story, the one that threatens the integrity of their “do no harm” promise, is indeed born of the medical industry itself.

The business of medical waste disposal is said to be a “necessary evil” when it comes to the Western medical complex as a whole, but more specifically the old and outdated method of medical waste incineration offers possibly the greatest threat to the integrity of the most fundamental medical philosophy, coined by Hippocrates, “the Father of Medicine” himself, many centuries ago. Tonight from North Salt Lake City’s, community of Foxboro we bring you a tale of medical waste madness so horrid and sketchy, that at times, it takes on a resemblance the likes of a Quentin Tarantino movie to coin the words of our own Executive Editor Emerson Urry.

The emissions from medical waste incineration contain, and create as byproducts, some of the most dangerous and deadly substances on the planet. Dioxin, furan, mercury, lead, cadmium, hydrogen sulfide gas, diseased cadaver parts, virus-tainted blood, aborted fetuses, cancerous tumors, narcotic and pharmaceutical drugs and radioactive cancer treatment byproducts are just for starters when discussing this disease-causing cocktail — and when it comes to the straight burning of this incredibly lethal and carcinogenic brew, few companies come to mind before Illinois-based medical waste giant Stericycle.

The Deadly Dangers of Medical Waste Incineration

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  • Heather Murdock - Narrator
  • Holly Tuckett - Assistant Video Editor, Additional Cameras
  • Shad Engkilterra - Co-Author, Research Journalist, Transcript
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