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Stericycle Blasts Off Again in Inky Black Morning Bypass

(EnviroNews Utah) — North Salt Lake City — Like a child with a bedwetting problem, it would appear that Stericycle medical waste incinerator in North Salt Lake City just can’t help it. That is, they just can’t get their releases under control. The problem is, Stericycle’s emissions are far from harmless like those of a bedwetting child.

On Saturday morning, once again when regulatory agencies had their doors closed for business, Stericycle belched forth a nasty black broth that almost surely contained some of the deadliest poisons on the face of the planet.

An alert citizen acted quickly and recorded the episode on a smart phone and sent those clips into us via our News Tip Hotline. After witnessing this, one is left to ask: if this happened at 9:20 in the morning for all to see, how many happen at 3 or 4 in the morning when nobody is watching?

Considering Stericycle’s track record of having allegedly “fudged” and “fibbed” on stack tests in North Salt Lake, as well as having even inflated numbers on government waste contracts to rip taxpayers off in New York, can Stericycle really be trusted to tell the truth about what is actually coming out of their short smokestacks?

Medical waste incinerator bypasses are known to contain many of the most toxic substances known to man, all contained in one mutagenic and carcinogenic brew that can be disseminated over hundreds and hundreds of miles. Dioxin, furan, heavy metals including mercury and lead, prions, aborted fetuses, disease tainted blood, and even radioactive tumors and cancer treatment waste, can all be included as possible and likely constituents in a black deadly soup like the one witnessed here.

Despite massive pressure resulting in Stericycle even agreeing to move their old North Salt Lake waste burner out to Tooele (only 30 miles from Salt Lake City), the company continues to pump, dump and spew deadly poisons onto the Foxboro neighborhood, and into the greater Wasatch airshed in the meantime.

Active Utah State, and Federal Department of Justice investigations are ongoing into Stericycle — a company with a questionable track record when it comes to safety, and telling the truth.

Stericycle Blasts Off Again in Inky Black Morning Bypass

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