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Just A Few of the Faces Affected by the Burning of Deadly Medical Waste

(EnviroNews Utah) – Due in large part to a sensational video captured by alert citizen Aaron Wiley on friday last week, a compelling press conference went down today on Capitol Hill.

The content of the video was a massive emergency bypass burped forth by Stericycle medical waste incineration facility right in the midst of a PTA 5K run that was taking place in the surrounding Foxoboro neighborhood.

The video was broken in the media by local EnviroNews Utah, and was subsequently picked up by Fox13, KSL, and others media outlets in what has since turned into viral media exposure of yet another dangerous Stericycle bypass episode.

The outrage that sprung forth from the well documented and widely viewed event lead to the convergence of environmental groups and concerned citizens on the office of the Governor on Capitol Hill.

The ensuing press conference had a single and unified purpose — a demand that Republican and pro-industry Governor Gary Herbert use his executive authority to shut down the incinerator immediately on emergency grounds.

Herbert, who is in Washington DC at the moment, issued this statement through his office:

“We certainly share community concern over these emissions. Our agencies are pursuing penalties to the fullest extent of the law. With all the State and our partners are doing to improve air quality, it is distressing when one entity appears less committed to doing its part.”

It will be interesting to see if Herbert heeds to the demands of his constituents in the upcoming days. Either way, the consensus was nearly unified at the Capitol this afternoon endorsing the stance that the pro-business executive should lop the operational head off of the outdated medical waste burner without any further ado.

Just A Few of the Faces Affected by the Burning of Deadly Medical Waste

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