Medical Waste Incineration Plan Beat Into Submission at Public Meeting in Wyoming

(EnviroNews Wyoming) — Mountain View, Wyoming — “Ive been doing this for 12 years. This is the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen.” Those were the words that came from a member of the Uinta Planning and Zoning Commission at a public meeting on October 22, 2014.

The large turnout also signified the amount of outrage over a proposed medical waste incinerator by applicant Brad Hansen of HBH, Inc.

In light of the large crowd, one of the commissioners repeatedly asked Hansen if he would like to withdraw the permit and “consider alternate locations.” Hansen replied and asked if they could “go through the process and see where people’s concerns are.”

Hansen conveniently forgot to mention the controversial medical waste incinerator by Stericycle in North Salt Lake City when he was asked by commission members where the next closest medical waste incinerators were located in proximity to the Evanston area. Stericycle has recently landed themselves in the center of three new investigations in Utah including a criminal probe by the Attorney General’s office.

After hearing from one concerned resident after the next, Hansen finally gave up and agreed to withdraw his application for the conditional use permit at County Road 103. Nonetheless, when he took his seat after relenting, one concerned resident turned over to him and said, “why don’t you do it in your own backyard? I think that should be your new location then.”

When this portion of the meeting concluded, many (including EnviroNews Wyoming), wanted to speak with Hansen, but he had already made a dash for the door and was off the premises before anyone had the chance.

Despite Hansen’s withdrawal of the permit request on County Road 103, citizens are concerned that HBH might apply for a permit at another nearby location. It was the sentiment of many at the meeting that incineration is an old and “outdated” technology that need not be implemented anywhere in the state of Wyoming.

Medical Waste Incineration Plan Beat Into Submission at Public Meeting in Wyoming

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