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Amazing Electric Vehicles Made From Home (Mom and Pop Tinkerers)

(EnviroNews Utah) — Salt Lake City, Utah — In this documentary, groundbreaking developments in electric vehicle technology are unveiled. While tenaciously converting fossil fuel vehicles to zero emission automobiles, these Utah-based groups present a viable strategy for tackling carbon emissions, air pollution and climate destabilization. Monica Bellenger reporting.

Amazing Electric Vehicles Made From Home (Mom and Pop Tinkerers)

4 thoughts on “Amazing Electric Vehicles Made From Home (Mom and Pop Tinkerers)”

  1. Did someone ever think about all the batteries that would be used if everyone would start using electric vehicles ? The idea is nice, but that would give a lot of need of batteries, and with that a lot of pollution of that ? Beside that, there are no chargers along the road, so where to plugin your car ? Hope they come soon up with something that is REAL clean.

    1. Well thre is no doubt that obtaining and dealing with many of the components of batteries IS an environmental issue, for example lithium mining….not a pretty sight there.

      However, when you weigh the totality of environmental circumstances of electric and batteries against the fossil fuel combustion engine, there really ca be no comparrison. the rubber to road emission of electric are far FAR less than fossil machines ever could be.

  2. This is technology we need. Not more oil dependence or drilling. The US government should be helping with this…helping cars get to Americans, helping stations get established. NOW not later!!!

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