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Editorial: The Romney Family’s Environmentally Destructive Business Ventures

(EnviroNews DC News Bureau) – Here at EnviroNews USA, we recently took a look into the public-records and portfolios of the father/son duo of Mitt and Josh Romney, and what we discovered wasn’t much of a surprise. I’m sure no one will be dismayed to hear that this duo’s business ventures are not generally leaving any green footprints behind, but instead are stamping carbon and chemical-waste tracks throughout the USA and the whole world. From Russia’s Gazprom to China’s Cnooc, Mitt Romney stands there in hypocrisy.

While talking tough on China, he’s there all along holding a healthy chunk of CNOOC stock right in his back pocket. This is China’s 3rd largest oil company, which, by the way, just loves doing business with Iran. Dating back to the late Governor George Romney, this family has cheered and vocally supported nearly every American war and confrontation while not a single one of them has ever dared to enlist in our nation’s armed forces. If they support these wars so much, then why not just strap on a uniform? I mean, I’m sure our soldier men and women in Afghanistan could really use another helping hand right?

And now we have a man in Mitt, whose buffoonery rings loud and clear as he staggers around attempting to cover tracks regarding his true and previously expressed thoughts regarding our own nation’s emergency response capabilities. Throughout his flip-floppery, Romney claims FEMA should go back to the states, or even better, to the elite, money-mongering, oil-and-gas-backed, private sector. Oh, yes, brilliant, let’s put our government crisis-response program in the hands of corner cutting profiteers whose primary modus operandi and very duty seems to be pandering to their shareholders and bolstering their own bottom line. What a great idea!

While Mitt and Josh abide by the Mormon word of wisdom which prohibits them from partaking in so much as even a single cup of coffee, under the pretext of righteousness, they turn around and install noxious petroleum waste ponds and then they invest in Chinese oil companies who are in bed with Iran. Oh, and let’s not forget about the 1979 Mitt-sponsored, Monsanto Grand-exit from their deadly tenure in the chemical industry, during which time the corporation killed entire river eco-systems from their poisonous PCB dumps, along with concocting chemical cocktails like agent orange. Subsequently, enabled by Romney’s own Bain Capital, they were empowered to make a leap into a Frankenstein-like “Bain-Child” brand of bioengineering, and as of late, they’ve been achieving world-wide headlines, earning the accusation of the fostering of a Global-food supply domination scheme. All in all, it seems the Romney family is in cahoots with some rather dubious characters. From Pit to Pond, this whole operation stinks to high heaven of Daddy’s dirty money!

Editorial: The Romney Family’s Environmentally Destructive Business Ventures

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