A Green X-MAS Shoppers Paradise at GreenDeals.org

(EnviroNews California) – At what many have described as the largest and most energized Green Fest in history this weekend in San Francisco, we caught up with Denise Hamler, the Founder of Green America, Green Festivals and the Green Business Network.

Now blazing fresh trails in her footsteps comes America’s greenest mom’s own son, Jonah Mytro, on a quest to rewrite the way Americans choose to cyber-shop. GreenDeals.org is an ambitious internet shopping platform that he promises will provide eco-motivated consumers with a massive assortment of green products, all independently certified and guaranteed through a third-party verification program.  Launching nation-wide the day after “cyber monday”, GreenDeals.org seeks to reshape consumer holiday shopping practices commencing on “Green Tuesday”.

A Green X-MAS Shoppers Paradise at GreenDeals.org

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  1. November 27, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    There really are some great deals over there. I checked it out!

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