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Utah’s Autumn Splendor — Breathtaking Nature and Wildlife Video

(EnviroNews DC News Bureau via EnviroNews Utah) — This video represents a labor of love and is presented this holiday season from all of us at EnviroNews to you.

Showcased here are fall-time highlights captured over the course of several years by EnviroNews Founder and Editor-in-Chief Emerson Urry who also edited and complied the video.

The landscapes in Utah represent some of the most glorious and breathtaking nature scenes on the planet, but little do many realize that this place, while filled with pristine beauty, is also under attack for its rich resources by the oil and gas sector and other big industrial polluters. For this reason, the tail end of the video was released last year in a short news analysis (below) that demonstrates both the beauty and ugliness of Utah’s current situation:
Should Utah be America’s Primary Industrial Waste Dump?

This year we decided to release an extended version of this great film and it is our sincere hope that all of our viewers will thoroughly enjoy Utah’s Autumn Splendor. Thank you for watching!

NOTE: This film was shot exclusively on Sony cameras including the FX1, PMW-EX3, NEX7 and FS700.

Utah’s Autumn Splendor — Breathtaking Nature and Wildlife Video

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  • Emerson Urry - Director of Photography, Nature and Wildlife Videographer, Video Editor, Sound Editor, 3D Animator