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California’s Top 10 Environmental Disasters: #6 – Chevron El Segundo

Chevron El Segundo Refinery
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The Chevron Refinery at El Segundo was fined $2.25 million for releasing about 4.5 million gallons of jet fuel into an aquifer that is not used for drinking water during the course of about a year from 1998 to early 1999.

Rather than seeking forgiveness, company representatives expressed their displeasure at the size of the fine and held out the possibility of an appeal for the fine.

The El Segundo refinery area was already contaminated by previous uncontrolled fuel leaks, and this fine came two weeks after Chevron agreed to pay $7 million in fines for the poor air quality attributed to the El Segundo refinery.

That makes this the site of a double whammy, but all the folks at Chevron see are the big bucks.

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