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Ikan ID-508 Interview Light Kit ‘Saves the Bacon’ for EnviroNews Producer in the Field

(4K VideoJournalist) — EnviroNews Senior News Producer, Holly Tuckett, faces many challenging situations while creating documentaries, promotional videos and news documentaries. Finding the right gear that’s dependable and versatile is crucial, especially in a run-and-gun scenario.

Tuckett recently had an excellent opportunity to put one of Ikan’s newest light kits to the test while working on a documentary in Logan, UT. She had been deployed to obtain b-roll of a candlelight vigil and record statements made by John P. Dehlin shortly after a disciplinary hearing in which he learned that he’d been excommunicated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His banishment was occurring for not complying with church official’s request to remove certain podcasts from his website “Mormon Stories,” which challenged the church’s teaching and supported same-sex marriage. It was requested of her to shoot man-on-the-street type interviews.IMG_3919 Tuckett explained, aside from the candles, there was little to no light outside the building where the hearing took place and no access to electricity. She quickly broke out one of the lights from her Ikan ID-508 interview kit which she claims “Saved her bacon!”.

Tuckett used the Ikan LED as the key light for the fill during the interviews in the street, and was able to come away with excellent footage. She was shooting with a Sony a7s witch does have super low light capability, but didn’t need to boost the ISO due to the amount of light coming from the panel. The Ikan light also afforded her the ability to quickly dim down or crank up the levels. IMG_3920 Another challenge was being able to somewhat match the color of the orange-ish street light and be able to get a quality white balance. Not a problem for the ID-508, as the kit comes with a set of magnetic filters for speedy installation or swap outs. IMG_3923 Other TV news crews were also onsite and Tuckett noticed quite a few teams “stealing” light from her to get better footage thanks to the amount of “throw” the panel had. Pretty amazing considering a person in a one-man-band scenario could easily, toss the LED panel and lightweight stand into a backpack and be ready to hit the trail.

Although the light was on continuously for 2 hours after she deployed it, Tuckett was impressed by the longevity of the batteries and said that there was no need to switch them out. By her estimate, she’d be able to shoot 4-5 hours using the same batteries.

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