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POLL CLOSED: Should The Electoral College Be Abolished & Replaced by a Popular Vote System? Yes/No? VIEW RESULTS

(EnviroNews Polls) — Well, it’s happened again. For the second time in less than two decades, and the fifth time in American history, a candidate for President of the United States has won the popular vote across the country, but failed to take the White House. The reason: the Electoral College — an election system so old that Mozart and Beethoven were alive when it was codified via the US Constitution.

As the election results stand now, Hillary Clinton has earned about 630,000 more nationwide votes than did Donald Trump with 7 million yet to be counted — but she won’t be the 45th president. With 60,981,118 compared to Trump’s 60,350,241 (as of 11/12/16), in any other democratic country in the world, Clinton would be president-elect — but not here in America. America continues to cling to a system championed by Alexander Hamilton.

Of course in those days, women couldn’t vote, people of color couldn’t vote, and in many states, even white men who didn’t own property couldn’t vote. And although the political landscape has changed dramatically over the past two-and-a-half centuries, the system of electing presidents via the Electoral College hasn’t changed a bit.

Implemented in 1787, the Electoral College is a system used only in the US. No other democracy on planet earth uses the antiquated method, opting instead in nearly all cases, for a system of popular vote.

It’s also important to point out that the electoral college is not fair. Some states harboring hundreds of thousands more citizens than others, have the same amount of electoral votes, giving the states with a lower population, more influence on a per-citizen basis.

Nearly every modern democracy in the world uses a popular vote system to elect their president or leader, but not America. America uses a system from 1787 that ignores the popular vote entirely.

“The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy,” tweeted Donald Trump in 2012 following Mitt Romney’s defeat. Would he feel the same about it if he were asked today? It’s that same “disaster” that just put him in the White House, because if America went about elections like the rest of the civilized world, Mr. Trump wouldn’t be the president-elect at all — Hillary Clinton would.

We put it to you, our readers and viewers to decide: Should the Electoral College be abolished and replaced by a popular vote system? Yes/No? Please cast your official vote via Twitter or Facebook in the polls below.



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