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Climate Hero Tim DeChristopher Free From Prison at Last

(EnviroNews DC News Bureau) – The day has finally arrived, and climate hero Tim DeChristopher, a.k.a. “Bidder 70” is free of the Federal prison system, well minus three years of crummy and cumbersome probation. In this segment, we recap what was truly one of the most inspiring, yet heart-wrenching interviews in EnviroNews Utah history as they say down with DeChristopher a few short days after his conviction in Federal court for his unprecedented action of civil disobedience at an oil auction in Southern Utah.

After posing as an energy developer, the college economics student proceeded to successfully bid on 14 parcels, before the auction was stopped and they had to escort him outside. Due in part to DeChristopher’s action, and the proceeding legal entanglements, the parcels under attack, located near pristine and protected Canyonlands National Park, were subsequently saved when drilling claims were deemed illegitimate following the inauguration of Barack Obama and with him, his newly appointed Department of the Interior.

After refusing to show remorse for his actions, DeChristopher was convicted and sentenced to two years in Federal prison, in what many have referred to as a big-stick-wielding, act of political imprisonment and persecution on the part of the Federal Government, that sought to make an example out of Bidder 70 for his effective acts of civil disobedience.

We recap this classic and inspirational interview today in it’s unadulterated form, taped March 9, 2011. Monica Bellenger reports on local EnviroNews Utah. Holly Tuckett and Flying Hat Productions-lighting, additional cameras. Thank you for watching.

Climate Hero Tim DeChristopher Free From Prison at Last

7 thoughts on “Climate Hero Tim DeChristopher Free From Prison at Last”

  1. This mans story is absolutely infuriating! Makes you wonder if there is any real JUSTICE left in this world. I can’t believe they put this man in the crowbar motel for 2 years. What a crock!

    1. This mans case completely demonstrates that our government is becoming more and more fasciast all the time. I don’t care what anyone says, throwing this man in the hole IS akin to Nazi Germany! Total bulls#%t!

      1. His story breaks my heart. Prison is no place for an upstanding human being like him. Maybe the judge should spend a night in prison to find out what it’s like!

          1. Well that may also be true, but sometimes America’s laws are unjust and corrupt! Just look at slavery for example. Was that a good law? God bless Tim DeChristopher for putting his life on the line and saving this beautiful nature area when nobody else would, and for fighting for the climate on behalf of us all!

  2. People should have marched on Washington with pitchforks demanding this mans freedom. If ever a presidential pardon should be issued it’s for this man here. What is up with Barack?

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