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See Why This Man’s Being Called “America’s Bike-Friendliest Mayor”

(EnviroNews Utah) – In light of mounting concern over air pollution and a distressed climate as we soared past 400 parts per million Co2 in the atmosphere last month, people are asking more and more just what they can do to take the climate bull by the horns at the community level.

Well, the mayor of Salt Lake City, the largest population center in Utah, is tackling air pollution and climate change head on. How’s that you might ask? Bikes! And lots of ’em.

Since taking office in 2008 Ralph Becker has taken an aggressive position on increasing the city’s bike infrastructure, ramping it up, in an effort to ramp Utah’s deadly air pollution down.

The example-setting SLC Chief Executive has done far more than even popular and progressive predecessors such as Rocky Anderson to increase Salt Lake’s bike-ability, and pumps his own pedals to work across town nearly everyday leaving us to ask: Might Ralph Becker of Salt Lake City be America’s bike-friendliest Mayor?

Our own Monica Bellenger sat down with the city helmsman, in his downtown office only several months after being inaugurated, in an exclusive interview where we explored what the future looks like for all of Salt Lake’s citizens doing their part to combat air pollution and climate change by getting around with manpower on two wheels.

See Why This Man’s Being Called “America’s Bike-Friendliest Mayor”

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