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The Bison Herds of the Magnificent Grand Tetons

(EnviroNews Wyoming) – We’ve taken notice lately that the EnviroNews national newsfeed has been a bit gloomy and has been comprised of mostly gutsy environmental “trench warfare”, and heated protests over nasty industrial source polluters.

Take a break from the doom and gloom of the everyday environmental battles of the world with this gorgeous little nature music video with old-school HD clips of the Grand Teton mountain range and its accompanying majestic bison herds.  

The music featured in this archival video comes from the renowned medicine woman and spiritual teacher Brooke Medicine Eagle.

These clips were taken over a decade ago in the great state of Wyoming utilizing the Sony FX1, which represented the first generation of High Definition consumer-pro video cameras.

Please stay tuned for upcoming news and documentary coverage, and from all of us at EnviroNews Wyoming, thank you for watching!

The Bison Herds of the Magnificent Grand Tetons

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  • Emerson Urry - Nature and Wildlife Videographer, Video Editor, Sound Editor, 3D Animator