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Announcing Erin Brockovich on EnviroNews California!

(EnviroNews California) – Los Angeles – Erin Brockovich has recently signed on to a new cause, and this time around the battle is only slightly different. Instead of groundwater pollution from PG&E or some other massive industrial source, this time around it’s air pollution. The culprit: Stericycle medical waste incineration facility in North Salt Lake City, Utah.

In this segment, the iconic environmental investigator and consumer advocate also announces her plans to travel to Salt Lake City, and join with citizens in a large community protest. Find that event here on Facebook:

Enjoy this short preview as Erin delivers words of encouragement to the local activist community while puttin’ it to the old waste burner.

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Topics discussed include: Medical Waste and Steriycle, Shell Oil/Carson City Disaster, Fracking, PG&E/Hinkley, California and so much more!

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Announcing Erin Brockovich on EnviroNews California!

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