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Erin Brockovich Explains Her New Environmental Battle – Stericycle and Medical Waste

(EnviroNews California) – Los Angeles – In a full-feature sit-down interview with EnviroNews USA Editor-in-Chief Emerson Urry, celebrity activist Erin Brockovich laid down strong messages on an array of environmental topics. From fracking to nuclear meltdowns, this woman is a coast-to-coast, worldwide environmental activism powerhouse.

After catapulting into the international spotlight following the Academy Award-winning Julia Roberts film Erin Brockovich, this tenacious woman has utilized her resources to continue fighting in groundwater pollution battles around the country, including the legendary cases against PG&E in Hinkley, California, some of which are still ongoing.

Despite all of her activism centering on nationwide water-pollution calamities, Brockovich has adopted a new issue these days, while taking under her wing yet another community plagued with environmentally caused health issues.

Her new fight is against North Salt Lake City’s Stericycle medical waste incinerator. The company was busted earlier this year for allegedly “cooking the books” in an effort to cheat stack tests during a compliance inspection.

The truth has been practically erupting to the surface since the revelation, and state and federal DOJ criminal investigations have been launched against the Illinois-based company.

It has also been discovered that the plant has been all the while emitting simply jaw-dropping amounts of dioxin — one of the deadliest and most carcinogenic substances known to man — into the open environment and surrounding Foxoboro neighborhood.

This has in-turn, naturally, led to a media feeding-frenzy and clamorous citizen uprising against Stericycle, a company legendary for taking some of the dirtiest junk on the planet, trucking it in from multiple states and burning it into the open air and environment in somebody else’s backyard.

When asked exactly what inspired her to take on this different breed of environmental calamity, Brockovich had this to say: “There was an article that really disturbed me about the burning in medical waste facilities of aborted fetuses — and doing that on top of children in a school — it almost sickened me.”

Brockovich plans to attend a community event in Salt Lake City on the 28th of this month in order to, in her own words, “maybe help raise their voice.”

Erin Brockovich Explains Her New Environmental Battle – Stericycle and Medical Waste

3 thoughts on “Erin Brockovich Explains Her New Environmental Battle – Stericycle and Medical Waste”

  1. She has such a storied career and it is nice to know that she is on the side of right and good and willing to help the environment and to do what’s necessary to make things right with Stericycle and the local community.

  2. The medical waste industry has a fight on their hands now! Her resources combined with the public’s knowledge of what it really going on should make things change in a hurry!

  3. We hear about this in the news but it doesn’t get reported with anywhere near the kind of information you gave us. Dioxin and other medical waste ash falling from the sky on our homes and on the food in our farmlands!

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