Rep. Chris Stewart Skates Out Backdoor After Claiming He Had the “Courage” to Meet With Environmental Groups

(EnviroNews Utah) – In this outrageous episode of activism where a multitude of Utah’s top environmental groups had coalesced around a town-hall featuring freshman Republican Congressman Chris Stewart, just about everything you can imagine went down.

Following a warmup rally where the groups were protesting Stewart’s controversial subpoenaing of EPA medical data, the small venue filled quickly with a group that clearly contained a large percentage of Stewart supporters.

The moderator then tried to delineate and control the media taping of EnviroNews Utah as well as another company Image Providers, and was completely shut down by the two producers recording the event.

The environmentalists were then subsequently blocked from entering the forum until Cherise Udell, Founder and President of the Utah Moms for Clean Air, practically busted into the meeting to make a plea for people who had already been asking questions to go outside and give others a turn.

After a few select people from the large outside crowd made their way through, one woman burst out and demanded to know from the freshman Representative if he “had the courage” to go outside and face the crowd for questions.

After a back-and-forth shouting match that went on for several minutes wherein Stewart said that he would go out front and take questions from them and insisted that he did have the “courage” to face them, the police had to go over and shut the woman down.

Shortly after this exchange, Stewart was grilled by Dr. Brian Moench, Founder and President of the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE) over positions he had taken on the campaign trail where he stated he wanted to put an end to the EPA.

Stewart fervently denied the accusation, and in mind-blowing fashion tried to get Moench to bet his house against his own that he had never taken such a position, and furthermore he also bet that Moench wouldn’t even be able to find a reference to that in the media. (EnviroNews has of course located and published two articles referencing just that. One by the St. George News, the other by Mother Jones.)

After this outrageous exchange, instead of going out front as he had said he would, Stewart quickly skated out the backdoor, setting off the fire alarm in the process to a drama-filled chorus of shouting, which included one woman screaming at the top of her lungs “climate change is real!”

Rep. Chris Stewart Skates Out Backdoor After Claiming He Had the “Courage” to Meet With Environmental Groups